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Fluency Instruction

Fluency is a critical link between word recognition and reading comprehension. 

                                                                    Tim Rasinski & Melissa Cheesman Smith, 2018

When reading is fluent...

  • The readers reads at a moderate rate that emulates speech, and with accuracy and expression

  • The reader can focus on comprehending what they read

  • The reader is interested in what they are reading and wants to continue reading

When reading is NOT fluent...

  • The readers reads very slowly, makes reading errors, and does not use expression

  • The reader has difficulty focusing on the meaning of the text or recalling details and information that has been read

  • The reader loses interest in reading and does not want to continue reading

Building Fluency

  • Through Modeled Reading

    • Students need to hear fluent reading often

  • Through Assisted Reading

    • Students read text while listening to a reading of the same text.

  • Through Repeated Reading

    • Students read a text multiple times

Fluency Activities