Professional Development Opportunities

Putting Pillars into Practice

Where do we start? In this session we will look at how we incorporate phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary into our school day. We will look at teachings, activities, assessments, and routines that will improve student reading and their love of literacy. 

The Power of Phonemic Awareness

In this session, we will unpack phonemic awareness, introduce some phonemic awareness curriculum, play with phonemic awareness activities and examine assessments to help us plan and know where are students are at. 

Taking a Look at Phonics

In this session, we will take a closer look at phonics, different ways to know where our students’ are at, and engage with activities you can use with your students. 

Smoothing Out Fluency in the Classroom

In this session, we will share activities that can improve fluency in your students as they develop understanding of what they read. We will look into ways students can increase word recogition automaticity, and prosody. 

Broadening Our Students' Vocabulary

Date of Session TBD

More to come…

Making Meaning of Comprehension

Date of Session TBD

More to come…